This Game Will Close November 1st

We're closing up shop on

I'll run the site through the end of October and we'll refund any remaining subscription time after that.

I may try to start a bucking bull game again in the future but it will be a while before I think about it. I've got half a dozen other sites that will be launched first.

I tried making this site work, I promise.

This has always been a small niche even relative to the fact that all of my sites are niche sites. If the site were able to run adequately with the amount of attention I can give it, it would be okay going forward. Unfortunately, that's just not the case and it's irresponsible of me to continue dealing with the same demands for changes every few months. There's a certain attitude that has remained constant on this site that I just can't take any more.

It takes too much time from the work that puts food on the table and the stress of being run through the mud every few months has become too much to deal with.

Thank you guys for taking part while you did.

If anybody is interested in the domain name, the source code for the nightly programs, the source code for the site, and the database (minus private messages and user passwords) you are welcome to make an offer. The site is programed in primarily classic ASP converted to ASP.NET and runs on an SQL Server 2008 database.

Or try one of our other games...

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